I have been offered personal loan on Credit Card from many financial institutions in Thailand since I newly graduated. No wonder, those institutions already have based information, so they know when exactly to ring up. With many desires at a very young age, I was lulled to get many loans as possible at that time and now I somehow regret having them.

              I got the first loan from Citibank with a small amount of credit limit. They got me the first impression when they were the first institution to call me. I had so much joy spending the small amount of money I have from my first Credit Card and knew myself again when I started to crave more of it. One card was not enough for me. I looked up on the Internet which loan suited me at that moment and I found out one with Krungsri JCB Platinum.

              Since I remember, Japan has always been my dream country to travel to and to settle down. Finding personal loan on Credit Card that can use in Japan effectively and beneficially is the best option for Japan lovers. Then I found Krungsri institution which was known of association with Japan’s financial institutions at that moment, and JCB Platinum seemed to fulfill my desire as it benefited most when using in japan. I was not hesitating at all to apply for it online then the officer called me the following day for the next step. 

              Once the trip was over, I was quite settled down with my financial situation and unwilling to have more debt. A year passed, KTC called to offer me 2 types of loans, personal loan on Mastercard and cash loan. They were persuasive and attentive, so I just gave it a try on both loans. I got approved and now have both with a big amount of credit limit. It may sound awesome to have a lot of money but when you need to repay, you will sense the vicious cycle you are looped in every month.              Eventually, I managed to close one Credit Card to reduce the monthly expenses. I felt so much better to release apart of my debt and promised myself I would release them more when timing is right. Getting loan will help you with financial problems, but if you think twice, you still have them in the form of loan instead. So it is better off not having them in the first place.