Safeguarding the privacy of users of our website is a fundamental concern of our company in the treatment of personal data. Therefore, we at take the necessary measures to ensure compliance with all the requirements regarding the processing of personal data. 


The following belong to our Website and Company:

i. any software, applications, or functionality employed on the Sites and/or Applications;

ii. The visual identity of the Sites and/or Applications, including the graphic-visual art project of its pages;

iii. The corporate name, brand, domain name, slogan, or expression of advertising, as well as the distinctive signs of its ownership inserted in the Sites and/or Applications;

iv. Any content created and produced by our website, even when using third parties.

If the Sites and/or Applications allow the sending/transmission of content by the User, the User grants our website free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, and irreversible authorization to use. At its discretion, the Content sent/transmitted through the Sites and/or Applications, without restriction or limitation of any nature. The User declares and warrants that the Content does not infringe the rights of third parties and that he has obtained the necessary authorization to enable its use by our company.


At any time, our website may, at its discretion, and regardless of prior or subsequent notice to the User or third parties:

i. Suspend, interrupt or cancel access to the Sites and/or Applications;

ii. Update, change and/or remove, in whole or in part, the Sites and/or Applications, their respective contents, and this Term. The updating and alteration of this Term will take effect from the date of its publication on the Sites and/or Applications and must be fully observed by the Users.

How do I not share my data?

Sharing your data is always a choice made by you. Remember that you can disable cookies before browsing, perform anonymous browsing, or even opt-out of the Data Management Platform (DMP) technology. However, some services may be significantly impaired or even become inaccessible, if you choose not to share your access data or personal information.

As for the sharing of access information by “anonymous identifiers” or cookies, if this is not of interest to you, just adjust the configuration of your browser or your Internet access device. 

In this way, it will be necessary for you to register again each time you access a service that requires prior registration since all anonymous identifiers will be disabled from your browser. You can disable data storage in two ways: by disabling cookies, which can limit your browsing; or performing anonymous browsing (cookies and anonymous identifiers will be deleted after you visit the site).

Our website and company also use DMP technology that enables the collection, aggregation, and storage of data about its users.


Tolerance of any failure by any User to comply with the provisions of this Term will not constitute a waiver of the right to demand compliance with the stipulated obligation, nor revocation of what is contained herein.